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Important Dates

On-line registration for the Fall 2022 season is open!

If you’ve registered and picked up your equipment already – we’ll see you at the first practice on Monday August 8th.  For the first week (every night Monday thru Friday), practice for all players / all teams is at Greenbriar Park, Field #5.

Practice is from 6 to 8pm – but for your first practice please arrive between 5:30 and 5:45 to get checked in and with the correct weight class.

For the first practice, every player should wear cleats, socks, shorts, and a t-shirt AND their issued helmet (with chin strap and mouth piece).  No practice pants or shoulder pads for the first practice.

For every practice, every player should hydrate (drink water) before arriving and bring a water bottle (16 to 64 oz.) filled with ice cold water! *

For those of you that have not picked up your equipment yet, register and we’ll see you on either Sunday July 31 or Saturday August 6 (see below).

Below are some things that you need to do in preparation for the season:

First, each player is required to have a valid, unexpired Child ID issued by the DMV  OR a school-issued ID that contains these 3 pieces of information -  1) a picture 2) date of birth, and 3) home address for his/her official weigh-in held in August – here is the link to the DMV website for more info:

Secondly, bring your player to be fitted for CYA Football equipment on one of the dates below:

  • Jul 31 Sunday - SECOND Equipment fitting 1:00 to 3:00pm at the CYA “Shed” Equipment Facility, 12504 Bennett Road Herndon, VA
  • Aug 6 Saturday - THIRD Equipment fitting 10am to 12pm at the CYA Shed


Here are other important CYA Football dates:

  • Aug 8 Monday - First day of practice!
  • Aug 10 Wednesday LATE Equipment fitting at the CYA Shed (after practice)
  • Aug 13 Saturday - FIRST official weigh-in at MARSHALL HS (this is the ONLY FREE WEIGH-IN!), MUST HAVE DMV ID CARD OR SCHOOL ID
  • Aug 20 Saturday - SECOND official weigh-in at MARSHALL HS - $20 late fee, cash only, MUST HAVE DMV ID CARD OR SCHOOL ID
  • Aug 22 Monday - FCPS first day of school
  • Aug 27 Saturday - THIRD weigh-in at MARSHALL HS - $20 late fee, cash only, MUST HAVE DMV ID CARD OR SCHOOL ID
  • Sep 3 Saturday - Sully Bowl pre-season games at Greenbriar – every CYA team plays their first game this day!
  • Sep 4 Sunday - FINAL weigh-in, Vienna Community Center Annex, Time TBD, $60 late fee, cash only
  • Sep 5 Monday – Labor Day holiday
  • Sep 6 Tuesday - Reduce from 5 to 3 practices per week
  • Sep 10/11 Sat/Sun - Additional pre-season games & scrimmages
  • Sep 17/18 Sat/Sun - First regular season games
  • Oct 29 Saturday - Final regular season games
  • TBD Mon/Fri - Playoff games (as scheduled)
  • Nov 5/6 Sat/Sun - Playoff games
  • Nov 12 Saturday – Championships